1. To save money and time de-clutter any unwanted items you no longer require or use, you could sell it or pass it on to charity.

2. Pack one room at a time and label each box clearly by room or list of contents and whenever necessary mark FRAGILE, THIS SIDE UP or HANDLE WITH CARE.

3. Don’t overload your packing boxes they should weigh no more than 30lbs/15kgs Overloading can cause back injury or one of the boxes might not be able to withstand the weight.

4. Where possible, take apart your furniture like wardrobes, beds and tables. Ensure that all their fixings are bagged and labelled for easy reassembly.

5. It is a good idea if you have the original packaging for your TV or any other electrical appliance.

6. Don’t forget to empty the washer/dryer and defrost the fridge freezer. Saves any water leaking on your belongings.

7. It is recommend to leave a fridge or freezer to stand before plugging it in after it’s been delivered (or after moving house) CLICK HERE

8. Keep the essentials separate: kettle, tea, coffee, milk, sugar, mugs.